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​This luggage features the most durable hard shell with recycled components, and is complete with recycled polyester lining and recycled zippers. All leather details are 100% vegan; its front pocket consists of high-end PU and water-resistant nylon. Adhering to a closed-loop system, our production is 99% waste-free.

Radically committed to the future of our planet, in 2021, we revolutionised travel once again. We introduced Circle One, the world’s most sustainable luxury luggage. The 100% plant-based and biodegradable anomaly not only proves that performance and sustainability can be complementary concepts – designed to be repaired, and never replaced, it will never see a landfill.

Our products accompany you for life. Designed by our dedicated team of designers and engineers that carefully sources the highest-quality materials, each range goes through rigorous testing before launching, ensuring that you receive a dependable companion you can fall back on for years to come.



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